Friday, July 17, 2009

Blake is a lucky boy...

Thank me lucky charms! Blake got his passport! And we'll be off to the Emerald Isle tomorrow morning, returning August 1st!!!

A Tale of Two Unlucky Irish Folks

(Spoken in broken Leprechaun...think "They're always after me lucky charms...")

There once was a lassy named Julie, who was planning to visit Ireland for two weeks with her beloved lad, Blake. Julie worked hard and slaved over two jobs to afford a very much needed two week vacation, and by the time the trip rolled around, she had saved enough shillings for a good ole' Irish time in the Emerald Isle.

Blake was working hard too, planning activities, booking accommodations, renting cars, etc. It seemed like Blake and Julie were ready to go...But then, of course, Blake and Julie wouldn't be Blake and Julie without some sort of calamity occurring before a trip to the Lucky Land of Ireland. To make things interesting, Blake was visited by a sneaky ol' Leprechaun who placed Blake's passport in his pant pocket before Blake did a rather large load of laundry. While folding clothes and placing them into his pack two days before the trip, Blake noticed a wadded up piece of paper...aka, his passport. In order to salvage the trip, Blake flew off to Houston and begged a kind old woman to give him a new passport and save him from The Lochness Monster (aka Julie). The lady took pity on Blake and told him he would have his golden ticket by 2:30 p.m., which means Blake would make his flight back to The City of Fountains and the trip to Ireland would be saved...thats considering if Blake has the luck o' the Irish on his side.

Will Blake get his passport in time, will the trip to Ireland be salvaged, will Julie turn into the Lochness Monster? Who knows, but while you're waitin' for your answer, go have a drink for me...preferably Guiness.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'm coming home this weekend to relive my childhood by eating lots of watermelon, sipping on lemonade, catching fire flies, swimming in my neighbor's pool, sitting on the swing under the hot summer moon, and talking about life, love, etc. with old friends. God is good :)