Friday, February 13, 2009

Besame Mucho

"Twas not my lips you kissed. But my soul" ~ Judy Garland

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day as well as mine and Blake's 5 year anniversary! There is much debate as to how Blake and I met, but I know as well does Blake, that he saw me from across the room and made a point to "accidentally" bump into me. The rest is history.

V-Day is the day of mine and Blake's first date (aka our anniversary b/c neither of us can recall...except that I do recall...when we became exclusive - March 4th) My first thought when he called me to ask me out on a date was "Dang, that's pretty ballsy asking a girl out for your first date on V-day." But of course, Blake didn't realize/know it was V-Day...He doesn't really pay attention to the calendar, a character trait I've grown to love, fo shiz.

I love V-Day/Anniversary because we go out to eat at the restaraunt where we had our first date, Murray's - A snazzy little jazz bar/restaraunt with killer food. I'm talking fried green pepper rings with powdered sugar, fried chicken livers (YUMMO!), frog legs (I'm still unsure about them - I have a problem with frogs, which I will talk about later), pesto feta tuna steak sandwiches and salad with onion dressing and feta! Ugh...I love it. Plus, the company ain't bad either:)

Te amo, mi amor. Gracias por cinco maravillosos años de amor, amistad y devoción.

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