Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh Joy!

So, last week was rough and I was missing wedding planning. But, this weekend truly opened my heart to the joys of marriage. It was mine and the hubby's first weekend home with nothing to do, but enjoy one another's company, and it was FABULOUS!

I got up early on Saturday morning, ran two miles while it sprinkled raindrops on me (very refreshing in the 90 degree weather at 9 a.m.!), watered the flowers and had a friendly frog hop across my foot, ate breakfast and drank coffee with the hubby, baked a cake with a good friend using my new Kitchen Aid and food processor and celebrated our friends' engagement.

Sunday was equally as awesome! I woke up for a run, watered the flowers and had a good convo with the grasshopper who lives in my flower box, Blake made an awesome jalapeno and turkey sausage egg omelet with green salsa, went over to a friend's apartment for an afternoon of swimming, shopped for video games and work clothes with hubby and finished the evening with grilling burgers and drinking wine with the hubs.

I am officially over wedding planning and now floating in marital bliss. Summer Lovin'....havin' me a blast.

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