Thursday, July 1, 2010

Favorites :: 4th of July

I love summer, especially the 4th of July! When I was a little girl, I would excitedly wait for the day, as if it were Christmas. I felt like there was magic in the day. From the fireworks and sparklers to the fire flies, I could feel some kind of mystery swirling in the hot, summer air.

My greatest memories from my childhood are filled with gatherings at friends' houses to eat BBQ, patriotic-decorated desserts and strawberries and watermelon, dressing up in red, white and blue, swimming in our pool, going to the state capitol lawn to lie on a blanket and watch fireworks, playing with sparklers and catching fire flies. And I can't forget to mention ending the night with a game of "kick the can," a popular game amongst the neighborhood children. Kick the can was very similar to hide and seek, but with a can. The "seeker" had to kick the can, count to 20, run and bring the can back, and then begin searching for the "hiders." The hiders had to run to the street sign and tag it without being caught. The game would last for hours, and it was sooo much fun, for us country folk, at least ;)

This 4th of July, I will be driving home from a wedding that is 9 hours away, trying to make it home in time to spend it with the hubby and hoping to experience the magic of the 4th of July with him. Send prayers my way for safe travels, pretty please!