Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring, where are you?

Poor, dear, silly Spring, preparing her annual surprise! - Wallace Stevens

As I sit typing, snow begins to trickle here and there. We are suppose to get up to 12 inches of snow this weekend...12...thats a foot of snow. What is up with you, Spring, you fickle, fickle gal! Winter really needs to loosen her grip and come to realization that your time is over...Let Spring shine and warm my white, glowing legs, arms and face, before I blind someone!

Blake is on Spring Break this weekend and has been tormenting me with his stories of campfires on the beach, endless nights of pina coladas and playing in the warm, salty ocean. I think I might pull my hair out. I really thought and hoped that Spring had arrived when the weather was up to 70 degrees and the sun was shining, but then, the weather man said snow, and my stomach dropped. I was suppose to go visit a friend this weekend, but that won't be happening now that we are to be experiencing a blizzard this weekend. I'm not meant for this weather...I'm a beach bum girl trapped in a snow globe.


Shannon Anderson said...

You poor, poor dear!!! Isn't it just cruel!?!

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. We need a trip to the beach cousin!

ellenclare said...

I love that picture!