Friday, March 5, 2010

Wedding Day Horoscope

I don't believe in horoscopes, but they are always fun to read!

Here is mine and B's Wedding Day Horoscope :)

The idyllic weather and relaxed pace of summer make it the favorite season for weddings. But does astrology favor the bride and groom who choose to marry during this time? To find out, look at the position of Venus -- the ruling planet of love and partnership -- on the day of the big event. Venus will travel through four signs of the zodiac this summer: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo. Everything about the celebration -- the music, the food, the behavior of the guests, even the temperament of the wedding couple takes on the shape, tone and characteristics of Venus in her sign. Whether you're marrying in the next few months, sharing the spotlight as maid of honor or best man, or simply attending a ceremony as an appreciative guest, here's a Venusian sneak preview of what to expect from this summer's wedding season.

Venus in Taurus (May 29 to June 22)
The languid, sensuous energy of Taurus -- one of the strongest signs for Venus -- describes a wedding day full of ravishing colors, tastes, sights and textures. The flowers are lavish, the food exquisite, the music enchanting, and the bride and her attendants gorgeous. The marriage that begins with Venus in Taurus starts on a note of prosperity and stability that will continue through all the years of the marriage.

This celebration of sensual bounty comes with one caveat -- Taurus moves at its own pace, and it's not a snappy one. The baker takes his sweet time setting up the cake at the reception; the flower girl flows down the aisle like honey straight from the refrigerator; the minister takes so long to get through the ceremony that even the bride and groom begin to nod off. There's no point in trying to rush anything -- Taurus moves at its own pace, smelling the roses along the way. Relax and enjoy the ride!

Ya know what, I'm cool with this horoscope. I'm definitely a "Stop and Smell the Roses" kind of gal. Should be fabulous.


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