Friday, April 23, 2010

Two Trees

There is this older fellow at my new job who loves to talk my ear off. I think he tells me a new story about the University every day. Most of the time, I zone off...I'm a horrible person I know...I don't mean to...I think I might have ADD. BUT, today he actually told me something that I found interesting. The purpose of his story was to tout how long he's been here, but I saw something more in the story...something that got me thinking...

He told me about two trees that were planted in front of the University. The trees were both oak trees and both planted at the same time. The difference between the two trees was that one tree was surrounded by cement, where the other tree was surrounded by grass and flowers. The tree that was surround by cement was small and pathetic looking lacking nutrients compared to the tree surrounded by grass and flowers, which grew tall and its branches were filled with big leaves.

As I stood there looking at the two trees, a wave of gratitude came over me. The fiance and I were discussing the world as we drank wine and cooked dinner last night, which was delicious by the way. Some people are born into families where money and education is lacking. They are forced to continue living in a cycle of poverty and ignorance. Others are born into families where there parents have worked their hearts out striving to provide the best life they can for their children. God has blessed me with a life like the tree in the grass surrounded by flowers. The grass is my foundation (my God and my parents) and the flowers are all the beauties in this life (friends, education, love, etc.).

Then wheels really started turning. My mom always says to "Bloom where your planted," and I do agree that we are not entitled to anything, but instead must work hard to achieve everything. But sometimes people aren't given the nutrients they need to grow and flourish. My new job is for a non-profit institution, and I've realized that if it weren't for the heart of giving from generous people, organizations, companies, etc., alot people would be like the tree in cement...stuck and stunted. I've never been much of a "giver," but as I read the stories of people who didn't have the funds to get an education, but were able to receive scholarships and grants from generous donors, I realize the importance of giving. It gives people nutrients to grow and hope for the future.

So last night, when I was at Hy-Vee, the grocer asked me if I'd like to donate a dollar to help fight diabetes. I normally would blow it off like the cheap ass I am (a dollar for gosh sakes!), but instead, I said "yes"...and I donated in my fiance's name :) haha...pathetic, I know. But I'm poor and its a start.

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jaust said...

You always make me smile.