Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Cinderella Southpaw of a Hubs

I love being married. I can't say it enough. The Hubs and I have so much fun living, laughing and growing together every day.

Before marriage, I lived alone in an apartment, and would go to bed alone every night and wake up alone every morning. Thank GOD I no longer have to do that! One of my favorite things about being married is falling asleep and waking up to the Hubs every day. We have the funniest conversations, and make each other giggle with laughter. Seriously, such a great way to fall asleep!

Last night, the Hubs was practicing his voice impersonations of Rocky Balboa. For at least 5 minutes, the boy just kept repeating over and over "Yo! Adrienne! No! Hello!" in Rocky's low, Jersey accent. Not funny to you? Well, guess you had to be there.

This morning, I was awoken by the Hubs apparently having an action-packed dream. Remember the dog from Cinderella that would dream about chasing cats and run while lying on the floor? Well that was the Hubs this morning. Running while lying in bed. I have become desensitized to his craziness, and just laughed to myself and fell back asleep. Then a few minutes later, I awoke to someone lying on top of my back and smothering me with kisses. How can you not wake up happy with an alarm like that!?

If Cinderella isn't ringing a bell, then watch this and think of the Hubs:

The Hubs kind of wakes up with that dazed look in the morning too!

Anyways, we have the best bedtime and morning routines, and I wouldn't trade it for anything :)

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Beth said...

I found your blog through our Edie posts. I just want to say, I get you about the hubby's dreaming. Mine tends to dream about spiders, which he's afraid of. Many times he's lurched awake and jumped across the room to turn the light on before I realize what's going on. Sometime I'm going to quote Harry Potter to him and tell him to "tell those spiders, "Ron."" I like being married, too. :)