Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello Monday!

With my first cup of coffee in hand and first gulp of the sweet caffeine {aaah}, I look back at the weekend and think of how incredibly blessed I am. What a great, fall weekend!

{Pioneer Woman}
Saturday started off with homemade cinnamon rolls that were TO. DIE. FOR! I did a little bit more cooking than I had hoped...what I thought was "8 servings" as the recipe said, was actually "8 batches" of cinnamon rolls. I have about 56 cinnamon rolls in my kitchen. I made the Hubs share some with his dad, so FIL, if you don't get cinnamon rolls, the Hubs is hoarding them. They are, and I quote "the best cinnamon rolls [he's] ever had!" Yea, I'm that good...actually the recipe is that good. Pioneer Woman is a master chef when it comes to cinnamon rolls. YUM!

I also spent Saturday catching up on some projects that I've been putting off. I finally sanded and glazed my bench and touched up our DIY chalkboard that was flaking paint. Works like a charm, now, and the Hubs added his one item he's been begging to add since I first started working on the chalkboard - ground red pepper. Do they even sell that at grocery stores? I have yet to find it at Hy-Vee!
By the Hubs - Check out the green fangs!!! Seriously!!!

By the Hubs

By the Hubs

By the Hubs - Can you see his green fangs!?

Saturday also involved a visit from a new friend. We named him Fang. And no, we didn't kill him. He is too cute and very helpful. He kills all the bad bugs in the house :) haha. And of course, the Hubs had to bust out his camera and take photos.

On Sunday, I got to volunteer for our Church's Fall Festival. I signed up to Face Paint, and got a little bit more paint on myself than on the kiddos :) I love my curly mustache and Harry Potter scar!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, too! Now let's tackle the week!

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blair @ a case of the mundays said...

hey julie! so much fun to find your blog and the same silly girl i knew in high school. thanks for stopping by! :)