Friday, December 2, 2011

Today is my birthday

And while it is an insignificant one (28 years old), I feel more blessed and loved this birthday than any others I can remember. Yes, last year's birthday was AWESOME with my Hubs and mom surprising me with a trip to Chicago to see Wicked - truly an amazing blessing and gift. But as I get older, I realize its not about the gifts or the facebook messages. It's about love and friendship.

I'm sure its all in my perspective. God has really been doing a lot with my heart this year. And this birthday, I feel so much gratitude and humility for all the love I have been given and shown. In the past, I took it all for granted and just expected it or felt entitled to it all. But this year, I've realized how much it all really is a gift. This birthday, my dear friends have blessed me with the gift of time. My hubs is away on my birthday doing med school stuff, so I would be spending my birthday alone. But I asked my girlfriends if they'd spend the evening with me at a Mexican restaurant eating tacos and drinking margaritas. And I am truly blessed by all those who are giving up their friday evening to spend it with me. In the past, I would have been ok and happy spending it alone - watching movies alone, cuddling up on the couch alone, eating pasta alone, drinking wine alone. But God has made me aware that he did not create me to be alone. That life is about fellowship and community. And that is the best gift a girl could receive on her 28th birthday. Friendship.

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