Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas 2012 {In Reveiw}

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and New Year!

 The husband and I had a great holiday although, I wish the days didn't fly by so fast. This year was especially crazy with me taking my project management (PMP) exam 2 weeks before Christmas, and the husband finding out days before Christmas that he had to work on Christmas Day. So, we made the most of the situation and celebrated Christmas with his family on Saturday, Dec. 22, then I drove up to Illinois to be with my family on Sunday and Monday, then I drove back home on Christmas Eve night so I could be with my husband and celebrated Christmas with just me and the husband without any family for the first time in both our lives, and then we drove back to Illinois on Saturday, Dec. 29 to celebrate Christmas with my family, and finally drove back home on Sunday, Dec. 30. Phew! I'm tired just looking back at it all, but it was so much fun, I'd do it all over again if I could. And you can bet we crashed hard this past weekend. I think the husband slept a whole 24 hours, bless his heart...he just started 3 weeks of nights. No rest for the weary!

As I mentioned, the husband and I spent Christmas day together. Just us. It was a first. And it was pretty great. We established some of our own traditions, which was fun. The night before Christmas, I had him open a present which contained some very soft and very loud Christmas pajamas. On Christmas morning, I woke up before him to turn on all the Christmas lights and turn on some Christmas music (just like my parents do for me), made coffee and cinnamon rolls with extra icing, and then woke him up to eat breakfast. I think I will love being a parent because I really enjoyed preparing the morning for him, and I got so giddy from his smiles as he ate the cinnamon rolls...Its the little things that make me happy. Next, we opened presents and stockings. The husband was very good to me. I got a bracelet I wanted, CDs, bath salts (the anti-drug kind), picture magnets for the fridge (which I needed) and...I think my favorite thing was the digital meat thermometer because he knows how much I hated our previous one. I mean how considerate and aware is that! I loved the thought he put into it. After lounging a bit, we headed to the movie theater, where it was PACKED, to see The Hobbit. Nothing says Christmas like trolls, hobbits, wizards and Schmeegle. After the movie, we came home and I cooked an awesome dinner. I made Mushroom-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin, brussel sprouts, cranberry jello and Skinny Garlic Mashed Potatoes with whiskey cream sauce. It was seriously good. And for my family's Christmas party, I made White Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake. Holy moly. Make it. You'll thank me.

We ended the night with a reading of the real Christmas Story from the chapter of Luke. The husband read. It was a great way to end a special day. And I realized, I already had everything I could have ever wanted for Christmas - my Savior, my husband, family, friends and lots of love.
The husband in his sassy Christmas pjs.

Bracelet by Leigh Ann Herrin Design

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