Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Uninvited Guests

What is up with people inviting themselves over for dinner at other people's homes? I recently had a friend ask me if I wanted to hang out...I said sure, and then she said "Ok, why don't you make dinner and I'll come over and hang out." What??

My boyfriend's friend's girlfriend (a lot to take in, I know!) invited herself and friends over to my boyfriend's house for a barbecue that they were hosting, and then requested our presence while we were out for dinner!!

Most recently, a friend of mine just found out (literally 10 minutes ago) that her husband's classmates made lasagna and are bringing it over to HER house! Therefore, she has to go get wine and side items AND dessert!! Not too mention that she has to clean her house before they come over, when really, she wanted to go run errands and work out.

I love people, I really do, but do people have no consideration for other people's schedules?? This was very commonly accepted in college, but not so much in the working world. People got things to do or maybe they just want to relax on the couch, eat a microwave dinner and watch The Office with no interruptions...Is that so much to ask for??

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Dave said...

Make beet casserole and invite yourself over to a friend's house to watch The Office. Good times.