Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cheap AND Easy

The Hubs and I missed the boat on sending out Christmas cards, but to be honest, they are expensive. And as newlyweds with one of us in med school, we just don't have the funds to purchase lovely Christmas cards or the stamps to mail them :) 

I designed the card below on, and I'm thinking I'm just going to print these out at home or  Walgreens, glue them to some paper and wallah. A Christmas card. Perfect for handing out to friends and loved ones :)



Lindsey said...

thats what i did too...i desgined my whole thing in photoshop and then printed at walgreens :)

Pearl said...

I designed Christmas postcards! Cuts down on pricey envelopes, making me more green, PLUS, postcard stamps are like almost half the price as a regular stamp!

LOVE your picture!