Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cest la vie

Well hi there! Sorry for the lack of posts. Life has been crazy for the past few months. Lots of wedding showers, baby showers and my own wedding anniversary celebration! Can't believe it's been one year...tear.

To celebrate our one year, the hubs and I decided to go to Seattle, Vancouver, B.C., Victoria, B.C. and the San Juan Islands. Of course, it wouldn't be a trip without some trip ups :) The trip began with a stop at the passport agency in Seattle for me to renew my passport with my new married name (yea, I'm a procrastinator) so we could visit Canada. Once I received my passport, we were sure it would be smooth sailing from then on out.

 Seattle is an interesting place. I wouldn't say I loved it or hated it, but confused, maybe, is the right word. Don't get me wrong, I loved the coffee, the Public Market, the numerous piers and crazy amounts of sea life, but there was just an interesting side to Seattle I wasn't expecting. For example, the hostel we stayed at for 3 nights had a large painting of a completely naked, full frontal of a woman on the wall directly across from our bed. That made for an odd night time sleep. I felt like she was staring at me. Then there was the gay, homeless man who made a pass at the hubs while also asking us for some change. Interesting. Very interesting. Great sushi though :) And we took a ferry to Bainbridge Island where we laid out on the dock in the sun and the hubs played with live starfish. To know him is to love him :)

{Photo of Seattle courtesy of the Hubs}
Canada was also interesting, but not as weird interesting as Seattle. We took the train to Canada where we visited Stanley Park and saw river otters, seals and bald eagles. One of the river otters we saw decided to climb up on a rock near us. We were soooo excited, so the hubs got up close to take a pic, and that was when the river otter had massive diarrhea. Yeaaaaaa, nature is...beautiful?

In Victoria, we visited Chinatown and ate lots of ice cream. On our way to catch the ferry for the San Juan Islands, we received bad info and were taken to the wrong ferry harbor. Apparently there are 3 ferry harbors. SOOO, we were stuck in Canada. The hubs was bummed because we were suppose to go whale watching the next day, so we made some calls and chartered a private plane to take us back to the U.S. You know, no big deal. Sheesh. The hubs loved it.

I guess you could say the plane ride was worth it though because we were able to make it to our whale watching tour where we saw transient orca whales (killer whales) teaching their young how to prey on a huge sea lion. It was crazy and the hubs took some AMAZING pics! Will share soon :)

After 1 ferry ride, 2 bus rides, 1 plane ride and 2 car rides, we arrived home. It was bittersweet, as was our 1 year anniversary. Happy to be home, but sad that our 1 week together with no interruptions is over. Happy to have made it one year together and excited for many more to come, but sad that we are no longer newlyweds. Cest la vie.

 Please forgive the emotions; Eugene has made her monthly visit :)

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