Friday, March 4, 2011


Last night, when the hubs and I got ready for bed, and he put his arm around me, just like he always does when we go to sleep, I recalled what life was like a year ago when the hubs was still a boyfriend and I lived 2 hours away. I hated leaving him and having to go back "home." It was a very sad and lonely drive for me. But walking into the empty apartment was even more unbearable. It would take all I had to not breakdown and cry into my pillow those nights.

Looking back, I now can appreciate those lonely moments. The loneliness has taught me to appreciate all that I have. Home, for me, is not a place, its a person. So now when I go home and I open the door, I don't find loneliness there. I find love smiling back at me, and I know how blessed I am.

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Mrs.B said...

Always Remember that!
Sometimes, LIFE and Years try to take that away...don't allow that! :)
God Bless You.