Wednesday, March 2, 2011


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Prepare yourself for an uber random post.
HELLO! Last week was an interesting week. In addition to struggling with back pain from too many spills, I was diagnosed with shingles. oh joy. I have little painful red bumps in patches on my left leg that shoot pain up and down my leg. The hubs keeps reminding me that I basically have herpes on my leg. Thank you for that, love. 

image via pinterest
I ended up missing 3 days of work last week due to the nerve and back pain, so I did a lot of sleeping, yoga and watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians." By the way, I wasn't a fan of Khourtney at first, but she is beginning to grow on me. I've also been watching "The Bachelor." The hubs has been watching it with me too. We both think Brad Womack is such a wonk. Yes, the hubs has opinions about "The Bachelor." He actually gets really into it, although if you asked him, he wouldn't admit it. He really like Emily, the "tragic mother." While watching this weeks episode he said (and I quote), "Aww, she is just too sweet. I hope he picks her." No lie. He secretly LOVES the show.

Back to the matter at hand...I got bored really quickly last week. Actually, I don't know if it was boredom or my pain pills, but I got antsy. So I decided to paint.

I was extremely proud of this painting until I realized that the quote that I thought I got from "The Godfather" was incorrect. Instead of "swim" it should be "sleep." Oops. Its the pain medicine. It makes me forgetful and say stupid things. Oh well. I like it.

Happy Hump Day!


Kathy said...

oh lord, i do have trouble with computers....hope this isn't a
As I was sayin I love your art and I love you...Keep calm and carry are an original.
Sleeping with the fishes has a connotation of violence, swimming with the fishes sounds peaceful, as it should with lil fishies! LOL

L said...

1. i hope your "herpes" on your leg feels better :)
2. we are bach watchers too... :) and agree with your opinion of brad.
3. love the painting... u need to open an etsy shop!