Monday, March 7, 2011

What stinks?

There has been a strange aroma around our household lately. I thought it was the hubs. He thought it was me. Come to find out, the stench is coming from our house plants.

A few weeks ago, my mom told me I needed to buy some plant fertilizer. I'm new to the gardening businnes, but no biggie. I can buy fertilizer...OR so I thought.

I bought organic fertilizer aka poop. I did think there was a bit of a funky smell, but I just figured all fertilizers smelled funny. But, then I thought about it and yep, it's poop. Our house smells like poop. The hubs thinks its hilarious. I think it just plain stinks like poop. What a gross word, and now, its in my house till its sunny and warm enough for me to put the plants outside. To make matters worse, the plants are in the kitchen. barf.

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