Monday, March 31, 2008

McPuky in McCall, Idaho

So it seems that calamity doesn't just happen to me in follows me wherever I go! I spent a week's vacation in McCall, Idaho, to go skiing and let me just say, who would have thought that Idaho, of all places, was beautiful!?!? They have more than just potatoes in Idaho! Such as Mountain Men, lots and lots and lots of snow (it snowed 2 ft on Friday, which really didn't impress the locals!!!), breweries and Rockchucks (Like a Woodchuck, but apparently Rockchucks chuck rock...who knew!).

I flew up to Idaho last Monday, and I woke up feeling a little qweezy. I figured I was just nervous about flying, but the qweeziness turned into puking, puking turned into...need I say more! Yep, I was sick the ENTIRE week!!! I did attempt to ski 2 out of the 4 times, though. While everyone else was having a brewskie at the local brewery, I was pounding the Vitamin Waters trying to up my electrolytes!

On top of the stomach flu, we ended the trip with a rollover car accident! What is up with me and cars!? We were on our way to the airport and we hit a patch of ice, lost control, swerved into the ditch and flipped the car upside down....I had my eyes closed the whole time, so I wasn't really aware of all that was happening, but when I opened my eyes, I was hanging upside down like a bat. While the car was flipping, Blake fell out of the seatbelt and was tumbling around in the car. I told him he should lay off the Ben n' Jerry's...he didn't laugh.

The Ambulance showed up, but the EMT was worthless. I showed her my bruised and swollen knee, and her response was "Do you have a doctor? You may want to get that checked out!" When she took a look at Blake, she put the stethescope in backwards!

We're all ok, thankfully. It really could have turned out to be a lot worse. When I told my mom about the wreck, her response was "You need to change the name of your blog. I think its cursing you!" She may be onto something...

*Note: My mom then went on to inform me that Mexico has baby blue cowboy boots for $30. I feel the love, really:)

The whole week wasn't bad, though. Like I said, Idaho is gorgeous with all the snow, pine trees, log cabins, and outdoorsy activities. I got to play in the 8 ft. high snow, ski a little, drive a snow mobile, watch "Into the Wild" (great movie, p.s.) and hang out with good friends. I didn't fair so well on my first attempt at skiing, but on my second attempt, you can bet I was jumping hills...seriously, I am not joking!! I am a BA:)

I will post pics soon...I've got some good ones, but please ignore my lack of color...I was running on Pepto, Tums, Emetrol, Vitamin Water and Chicken Noodle Soup...yuck!

Moral of the Story: Don't let your sickly nephew stick his germy little hands in your mouth before you go on a week vacation to the Mountains, where the hospitals don't have insurance coverage.


Joj said...

Julie! Just to be safe, I think I will plan on never riding in a car with you, never eating steak with you, never cooking with you, and never flying with you. Joking, I'm very glad you made it back in one piece.

Julie said...

Joanna, I think that is a wise decision!!! P.s. You need to post a new blog...You are slackin! Oh and did you make it to Hip Hop Recital?? I miss you...where are you?!