Friday, March 14, 2008

Throw Me a Frickin' Bone!

Wednesday (aka The Day of Hell) was possibly the worst day yet in 2008 for me. I actually had contemplated taking a half day because I am fighting a cold that just won't go away, but I decided to suck it up and go to work...bad idea...should have just stayed home.

All was fine until lunch time. I had just put my lunch in the microwave when I overheard some women talking about a car break-in. Here is a little snippet of the conversation that took place:

Lady 1: "Hey Barb, do you drive a black Saturn?"
Lady 2: "Nope."
Me: "Hey! I drive a black Saturn!"
Lady 1: "Are your plates blah, blah, blah, blah?"
Me: "Yes, how did you know that?"
Lady 1: "Welp, your car just got broken into."
Me: "What the..."

I go down to my car and sure enough, the back passenger window was broken. They didn't take anything because I have nothing worth taking, but for about a half hour, I thought they had taken my spare car keys that I had stupidly left, under my mom's recommendations, in a "secret" compartment...But they culprits found the keys. I couldn't find them in the "secret" compartment, so I went upstairs to call insurance and Saturn to find out what to do. Insurance told me it would cost $200 to get my window fixed and Saturn said it would cost $400+ to re-key my car. I went back down to see if my keys were maybe on the floor...praise the Lord, they were on the floor, but why didn't the culprits take them? They could have easily stolen my car!!! Thank you Lord for not letting that happen!!!

Then, here's the kicker...I go back up stairs to my desk and realize my lunch is still in the microwave. So, I go to the microwave to get my lunch, but someone had TAKEN my lunch!!! No, it wasn't placed back into the fridge and NO it wasn't in the trash...somebody ate my Lean Cuisine Panini!!!

So not only did my car get broken into, which sucked, BUT someone also had stolen my lunch!!! I think there is a conspiracy out there against me.

Someone told me today that a lot of bad things happen to me in one week then what happens to a person in a true. Things gotta start looking up soon.

Moral of the Story: My life is exhausting.

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Joj said...

I think the whole 'car brake in' thing was an elaborate scheme to get your delectable panini lunch. Someone must have been awfully hungry.