Sunday, March 9, 2008

Savor that steak!

Last Monday, I decided to broil steak...I've never used a broiler before and thought it was time to use that weird pan that sits in my oven...once again, I should have stuck to TV dinners.

I had bought a few amazing cuts of meet from HyVee for a pretty good price, so I was really pumped about making myself dinner. I decided to broil a filet mignon (for some reason, one of my friends thinks that is hilarious). The whole cooking part when well. I like my steak medium rare and it was PERFECTO! Well, I was running a little late for my hip hop classes so I was in a real hurry, which leads me to the disaster portion of this post......I cut my first piece of steak, chewed it twice, maybe 3 times...Choked for a good minute!!!! Once I realized that the big piece of filet mignon was lodged in my throat, I began to panic.

First of all, I have no idea how to do the himlic on myself and then I realized that there was a pretty good chance that I was about to pull an Elvis Presley (Die choking on a peanut butter and banana sandwich on the toilet)...In my case, die choking on steak alone in my home. I immediately began punching myself in the chest like Chris Farley and then my gag reflexes came into play. The piece of steak had bbq sauce on it so naturally, I was drooling. After a few seconds of drooling, panicking and gagging the steak dislodged. I really can't remember if it came up or went down...I was in a state of shock and I was more concerned with the bbq sauce drool stain that was all over my carpet.

Moral of the Story: Savor that steak!


Joj said...

Yes, you should not let your mother read this...I'm sure she is scared for your life. Oddly enough, I want a piece of steak now.

Julie said...

I'm giving steak another try tonight. If I'm not at hip hop class, then you know it didn't go well:)