Monday, April 7, 2008

Deep Thoughts by Me

I watched "Evan Almighty" this weekend with Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman, and there was one scene in the movie that really struck me. It is the very last scene where God (Morgan Freeman) shows himself to Evan Baxter (Steve Carell), and Evan is just in awe of God's plan for his life and how He had Evan's best interest at heart the whole time of Evan's struggle. You can seriously see the love and respect for one another in each other's eyes, and then God says to Evan, "Evan it's do the dance," which is simply a victory dance that Evan does whenever he has overcome or achieved something of great importance. God joins in on Evan's victory dance, and then He stands back and just laughs with complete joy over Evan.

Here is my deep thought, God is always with us and experiences everything we experience. He delights in our joys and triumphs, laughs when we laugh, cries when cry, etc. How much more does that make me want to please God and make him laugh!!!

I told Blake about this thought and his response was "What if God really liked Morgan Freeman's portrayal of him in Evan Almighty, and decides to come back as Morgan Freeman!"

And ya know what, I would be completely cool with that...I really like Morgan Freeman:)

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