Wednesday, April 2, 2008

*Editor's Note

My boyfriend, Blake, reads my blog and was bothered that he wasn't listed as one of my favorite here is one more addition to my list.

Favorite Boyfriend

Funny Story to this picture, which really sums up our relationship...Me making a fool of myself and Blake laughing at my expense.

This picture was taken at San Marcos Square in Venice, Italy...great place and I highly recommend visiting before you die. Well, you can buy bird seed and feed the birds, and Blake thought that was a great idea. So I was taking pictures of him feeding the birds, when he got another great idea to throw bird seed on me...not cool when you have curly hair and a thick scarf. The bird seed got lost in my hair and scarf causing the birds to pick at my hair, and thus get caught in my hair. One bird just gave up and decided to sit on my head. I had scratches on my hands and I was freaking out! Definitely a great, fun calamity!

I love you Blake!

Thanks for all the memories, for making me a better person, for helping me to laugh at myself, and for always being a day brightener!!!

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