Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fact: Bears eat chimichangas

Ok, so bears don't really eat chimichangas...they actually eat beets. But if anybody is as obsessed with "The Office" then you know what I'm talking about.

So here's the real story with chimichangas...I work at a Mexican Restaurant (side job) because I love Mexican food, but really just chips and salsa...and your occasional chimichanga. Well, things have been going really smooth for me lately...until yesterday.

I was working in the bar section. I had 6 tables! But when you are working in the bar on a Wednesday night you probably won't get much business...or so I thought!

Here is the sequence of events that followed:

5:29 - Arrived at work
5:30 - Received table of 14 people
5:45 - Received table of 2 people
5:50 - Dropped tray of glasses, chips and salsa
5:55 - 4 other tables sat down
6:00 - Slipped back in the kitchen and fell on my butt while dropping a tray of glasses...again.
6:05 - 8:00 - Mayhem...don't really recall much of what happened between those 2 hours
8:30 - Table of 14 people leave
8:35 - No tables; Restaurant closing in 25 minutes
8:40 - Received 4 tables all at once
8:41 - More mayhem
10:30 - Finally left the restaurant only to go home, eat a Weight Watchers meal and pass out

I left work with a bruised butt, loss of dignitiy, wet clothes and a few more wrinkles on my face.

Moral of the Story: God thought I was running out of material...thanks God. Love you too:)


Anonymous said...

Well at least you did not have to wait on chimichanga eating bears!

Ben & Leah Wenger said...

oh julie--that's so sad! :( i'm sorry your night was so bad!