Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Misses Green Christmas

It has been snowing all afternoon, and while most people embrace snow, I loathe it. I only enjoy it when I'm experiencing it on skis, sleds, snow mobiles, on foot or from the inside of a warm, cozy house with the fireplace on while drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies.

I wholeheartedly apologize to those who love snow, but after being in a few car wrecks all caused by bad weather conditions (please note, I was driving safely in the first accident caused by rain and a bad semi-driver who caused me to hydroplane resulting in a ticket for failure to drive within one lane and in the other, I was a passenger - I just have bad luck!), one begins to appreciate sunny weather and blue skies. My heart is already beginning to thump at an increasing pace just at the thought of driving home tonight!

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Jmeg said...

couldnt agree more. i dislike snow too. its only appropriate when i have a snow day. and for a couple of hours. ha. drive safe. btw. the word verification says: terdskin. kind of funny.