Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sprinkles of Deliciousness

I've had a hankering for cupcakes lately. They are so hott right now and seriously the easiest to make, or so I thought! There are blogs, sites, etc. dedicated to making gourmet cupcakes and they are sooo pretty and sound so delicious. One site I particularly like is Cupcakes take the Cake! It is a blog about cupcakes and it shows some pretty creative stuff!

I want to make the Melted Snowman Cupcakes! They look so difficult, though and I have no idea what caster sugar is! The site is Cherrapeno, which you should definitely visit should you feel so daring to attempt these. I thought the frosting would be difficult, but it is ready-to-roll frosting, which anything with the word "ready" in it means easy to me!

Blake's last med school exam is tomorrow, so I will be making him some Eggnog Spice cupcakes. I'll take some pics of them and let you know how it goes!


nicisme said...

Hi Julie!
Caster sugar is just extra fine granulated sugar, you can also sub ordinary granulated sugar if you want.
They really are easy to make, I am usless at all that moulding sugar stuff, but the heads are just balls of the ready-made fondant that you can buy. The bit directly on top of the cupcake is just powdered sugar mixed with water.
And you can use your favourite cupcake recipe.

Shannon Anderson said...

those are the cutest cupcakes EVER!:)