Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For the love of crafts

After 5 days of hot glue guns, glitter and paint, I have 5 blisters on my fingers. That's a blister a day folks. And it's all because I had an itch to craft. I can proudly say it was worth it. Now, I just hope the hubs likes it. I'm gonna go with a no, but I can cheerfully expect a pat and kiss on the head, and a smile that lets me know, "Yes, you are crazy." Oh well, enjoy the fruits of my labor :)

I love glitter in large doses.
Nothin' a little paint, scrap paper and modge podge can't fix!
Kitchen art
Our Thankful Garland
Each day, we write on a leaf what we are thankful for. The hubs will be partaking in this activity...oh yes, and he will enjoy it :) Love you Hubs!

And just a cute photo of the Hubs and I on our honeymoon...Oh how I miss my Hawaiian tan!


danielle said...

love the wreath!

and the tan! :)

Hershey's Moma said...

You have much to be thankful for and to even get your hubs involved- simply lovely!