Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cupcakes, chicken and Christmas

What do you get when you mix cupcakes, chicken and Christmas (besides a lot of alliteration...haven't used that word in awhile...)?? A random blog post! YAY :)

Ok, so cupcakes. These aren't really cupcakes, although I did use my cupcake pan. I decided to be an adult this Thanksgiving and participate in the food preparation. One of the three desserts I made were miniature pumpkin pies. And dang, were they good. Like "I-gained-10-pounds-in-one-day" good. Mmm!

My first few tries were rough, but eventually I got the hang of molding the dough in the cupcake pan to keep the pie looking somewhat like a pumpkin.

On to the chicken! Last night, I attempted a new recipe: Asian Glazed Drumsticks. I was a little intimidated by the raw drumsticks, and the process of removing the fat, but they sounded delicious and my tummy wouldn't let me back down. The Hubs and I are (for the most part) very healthy eaters. I only make recipes where I know the nutritional info. One of my favorite recipe sites is Gina's Skinny Recipes because she provides the nutritional facts and she provides great step by step (day by day...sorry, I had to :) ) instructions. After removing the fat, the process was really easy and inexpensive. I bought 10 drumsticks for $5.89, and I had the majority of the ingredients at home. The smells in the kitchen are really indescribable, and the Hubs was speechless at dinner. He was too busy chowin down and lickin his fingers.

And last but not least, Christmas. Our walls in the living room are a beautiful avocado green. So as not to overload on green holiday decor, I've been toying with some other ideas. I'm really diggin' pink, orange, silver and blue. Sound familiar? Here are some of my inspirations and our entry way. Needs some spicing up, I know, but girl just got paid. I'm planning on hitting up Hobby Lobby and Michaels this weekend :)

Our "unity candle" table with a silver Christmas tree, mercury glass votives and vintage snowmen.

The green background is pretty close to our wall color...isn't it fab!

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