Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Visions of blue glass, chalkboard paint and glitter dancing in my head

As a newlywed married to an opinionated Hubs, I am trying to find a balance between my love for all things vintage and his love for the ocean and rustic "cowboy" style without coming across country. We strive to keep things balanced (I am sure all you oldy but goody wives out there are laughing at me because is there such a thing as balance in a marriage?!), but we like a challenge so we strive out of spite. Anywho, I really am trying to make our house OUR home and not MY home.

So I have a spare bedroom/craft room where I display all my favorite things so as to avoid taking over the house. Here are some things I am LOVING right now :)

All this color and glitter just warms my little heart!

1. LE Smith Moon & Stars Turquoise Glass
2. Chalkboard Menu in a vintage frame
3. Vintage ornaments
4. White Christmas Tree
5. German Glass Glitter
6. Vintage frames painted in a fabulous color

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sara's art house said...

Love the white Christmas tree!!!!!