Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

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"In all things, give thanks." ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Happy November, friends! Can you believe it is already here? Wasn't it just over 100 degrees not to long ago when I was laying out by the pool and getting my tan on? Sheesh, time really does fly when you are having too much fun.

November means Thanksgiving and that means Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Well, that AND Giving Thanks :) So I thought I would spend this month Giving Thanks to the One who has blessed me with so much. 

Therefore, of course I have to start off the month with thanking God for finding and saving me. When I think about who I would be or where I would be had God not rescued me, I am beyond humbled...and thankful. I honestly can't remember life without God, having been raised in a Christian home, but I can remember times where I felt lost or when I ran from God, my sin and my shame. It is a lonely feeling and a place without hope. Definitely not somewhere I would ever want to go or be in again. But little did I know then that I was not really lost or alone. God was still with me, watching over me and working through even my brokenness and drawing me closer to Him.

To put into words what God has done in my life and for my life, I'm finding to be very difficult because all that I am and all that I have is from Him. I am accepted, I am forgiven, I am found, I am saved from death and my sin (for my God has conquered both), I have hope (in His promises), and I am forever, unconditionally loved. Oh, and so much more, friends. And one of the greatest truths is, I have done nothing to receive all of this except to believe that He sent His son, Jesus, to die on the Cross as a ransom for MY sin. His love, blessings and mercies are not performance driven. They are new every morning and He extends them to me (and you) in love. 

On this November 1, I am thankful for my Lord and Savior.

May this be a blessed November for you, too!

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