Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful for my Bestie

I have been extremely blessed by the friendship of my bestie and "soulmate...of friends," Janellie.
So today, I'm thankful for:

Miss Janelle.

Miss Janelle is one of those friends that is more like family. A sister from another mother, if you will. She is also a mentor, confidant, adviser, personal comedian, life coach, etcetera, etcetera. 

We are one and the same. Well, that's not true, when you get her going she sounds a lot more like Eddie Murphy than me, but boy, is it glorious when she does. Ya see, if my writing changes when I start talking about this girl. I start using words like "glorious" and "etcetera, etcetera." She brings out the ridiculous, the real, and the best in me. 

We found each other at a very low point in our lives, both needing love, acceptance and strength. It is my personal belief that God placed her in my life for that purpose, which she continues to serve. She is another strong woman I dearly love. On a public level, her strength roars, and she is a beauty to behold. But in the quiet, raw moments, her strength really shines. She is one of God's really awesome blessings that I just know He must be so proud of. I'm sure that when He looks at her, He thinks "Dang, I did good on that one. Some of my best work."

This woman is a lot of things to me, but most of all, she is a blessing from God.
I love you, J.

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