Monday, November 7, 2011

My Sister-in-Love

A few years ago, God blessed me with a love. My brother's wife, Elsa, is truly a blessing to this family, which is why, I am thankful for my sister-in-love today.


I never would have thought there would be a woman out there who could tame my broseph. But along came Elsa. She has brought so much joy, love and happiness to my brother's life. AND, she is the mother to my favorite niece and nephew - Maya and Miguel. She is a wonderful example of a mother to me. She is playful, kind, patient, loving and nurturing to her family. She also is a great nester. She loves to cook, rearrange her furniture (multiple times a day!) and make her home peaceful and cozy for all who enter. 

If she is the hostess, she serves everyone till they are done with seconds, and THEN she might sit down and have a bite to eat, but that's doubtful. And don't even think about trying to clean her dishes. NO! You are the guest at her house, and guests do NOT do dishes. Unless she is the guest at your house, and then she cleans your house till it is spotless. She definitely has God's command of a "servant-like attitude" and "the first shall be the last" down, and of course, a smile and cheerful laugh to go along with it. 
My sister-in-love blesses my family's lives with her joyful spirit and serving heart. And I'm very thankful to call her my

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Janelle said...

loving your thankfulness. Lovely to read :)