Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Ma n' Pa

Those are two faces that only a mother could love. And I guess their children, too {wink}. 

Today, I'm thankful for those two crazy kids shown above who I am proud to call my parents.
(now you know where I get it from, huh)

Mom and Dad.

 You know God must love you (or think you are in need of some divine intervention) when He gives you good parents because you really don't see too many marriages that last long these days (ehm, Kim Kardashian - 72 days to be exact, not that I'm judging...just saying) or good parents. My teacher friends tell me stories that bring tears to my eyes about some of their students' parents. And, you can just see by some people's character and behavior that they were not raised by good parents or maybe their parents were just plain old absent from their lives. But by the grace of God I turned out well thanks to good parents. 

My parents have taught me a lot of things, but here are a few that come to mind: commitment in marriage, selflessness, humility, God, the importance of a good work ethic, spreading joy, laughter, perseverance, forgiveness, individuality, embracing your strengths and laughing at your flaws, patience, hope for sunny days, strength on rainy days and love. 

My parents give and give and give, and don't ever ask for anything in return. I see God in them every day, and I am humbled by their love for me. I don't know what I did to be given such loving and funny parents, but I do know that I am beyond blessed and a better person because of them.

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Kathy said...

Your mom and dad are so thankful for you! My life has never been happier since December 2, 1983 at 2 minutes after midnight. You are the daughter that God gave me, who is so perfect for me! I love you with my heart and soul and I cannot imagine my life without you! You have been the blessing that I never expected in my life. So thankful for you. Love Mom