Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Can't eat one more bite!

After this three-day weekend, I am needing to detox and go for a long run. It's a little too early to beginning developing a winter coat (aka poundage), but that did not stop me from eating a lot of delicious food.

The weekend began with grilling burgers and chowing down on homemade fries with the hubs and his sister. We ended the night with beers and smores. A little too many smores :) But they were delish.

In the morning, I made wheat pancakes with chocolate chips topped with peaches! TO DIE FOR! Then, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some craft supplies for the kitchen art, and believe it or not, I actually got the craft started! I painted 4 canvases, and now they are drying. I'm going to try and add the scrapbook paper on them tonight. Then, I went to a local pizza shop to pick up some wheat dough for only $0.75! What a steal! The hubs and I made homemade pizzas, and mine was heaven! I just rolled out the dough as thin as I could get it, topped it with a tbsp of olive oil, sliced roma tomatoes, hand-torn basil, sliced mozzarella and a dash of salt. NOTE: You must pre-cook the dough so you don't burn the mozzarella! I pre-cooked the dough for about 5 minutes, and cooked the pizza with toppings for about 10 minutes or till the crust was a golden brown. So good :)
On Sunday, we ate pancakes again and left over pizza. But, I made up for all the carbs with a 2-mile run and 4-mile walk on the trail and lots of yard work! We ended the night with friends coming over for a game or two or ten of Rock Band. We bought Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" and I scored 100%. I did the song proud. We then moved to the porch and fire pitted, drank wine, skewered some mallows and laughed a lot...mainly at myself :)

Labor Day was filled with sun and the pool! A very lazy day of no labor, in deed. The hubs and I then tried to be productive and went grocery shopping and cleaned up the kitchen after a weekend full of cooking. We then headed over to our friends' house for some steak, pork chops, veggie kabobs, asparagus and the infamous cheese dip.

I definitely lived up to Labor Day, and ate my way through the weekend. And now, I'm needing to detox. I ate so much last night that I couldn't sleep! Pathetic. Tonight, I'm running and drinking lots of water. And making chili :)

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