Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Tale of Miguel

Once upon a time in a far away land, known to the hubs as "the shire," there lived a little Mexican named Miguel. Full of energy and spirit from an overdose on Mexican jumping beans (aka M&Ms), Miguel aspired to be the first Mexican ninja. He could kick as high as a cactus is tall and karate chop an enchilada in two. There was nothing that this Mexican ninja could not do! He lived off of banana popsicles, chocolate cake and white rice. He gave big hugs and kisses, not sloppy, but nice. He went to class every week to learn the ways of a ninja, obeyed his teachers and got mad skillz that are so major. He earned red tape on his belt for doing good, now he's cleanin' up the streets and revampin' the hood. He's a celebrity in the shire these days, everyone knows his name and be singin' him praise. So if you're ever in the shire and need a Mexican ninja for hire, just ring Miguel, the first Mexican ninja from the shire.

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Anonymous said...

He learned everything he knows from his Abuelo Ashenfelter