Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ode to Hubs

I would like to dedicate this post to the Hubs, aka my husband. Wow, that maybe the first time I've typed that. Looks weird. Anyways, I digress...(I love that word and try to use it as often as possible)...digressing again.
So, the Hubs. What can I say about the big lug? He's fabulous. He's great. He's, he's, he's my Hubs. I love him, obviously, or else I wouldn't have married him. But besides all that lovey dovey stuff, he's somethin' else. The boy can throw pottery, make a shoe out of a cereal box, draw really cool fish, do a hand stand for a long time and play the guitar. In high school, he was a wrestler, pole vaulter, football player and diver. Now, he's aspiring to be a doctor ("a docta, a docta, I can't believe I married a docta" ~ from the movie Beaches - rent it and watch it with a box of kleenex)...digressing again. He also loves philosophy, has traveled almost every where in the world - Africa, Thailand, Japan, Prague, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hawaii, Bonaire, Cayman Islands, Vera Cruz, Honduras...I know I'm missing some random country. He's done volunteer work and spoke the native language in Africa, Honduras and Mexico. He buys me running clothes, new running shoes and eucalyptus mint scented candles from Bath and Body. He enjoys cooking, attends Farmer's Markets, and critiques food and wine with me. He even watches Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance with me...and he LIKES IT! I mean, c'mon, the boy is a dream boat.

But the thing the Hubs is probably most proud of is scuba diving and his underwater photography. He's got a real eye for beauty, hence, me. But besides me, he sees beauty in the ocean that the average person would take for granted, or just sit on the beach, get a tan and drink a margarita...which is great too. But, the Hubs loves to be in the water. He is part fish. He even wants to have his body donated to shark food one day. I mean, hello, crazy! But his art is poetry in pictures. It really is breathe taking. Instead of washing the dishes or checking your Facebook account, you should check out his website. It will not only awe and inspire you, but also make you very jealous of his talent and experiences.

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