Thursday, September 23, 2010

:: Thursday's Travels ::

This will be a new segment I'm starting because sometimes a girl's just gotta daydream about someplace other than her cubicle. So, why not daydream about the amazing places the Hubs has visited!

With the start of fall, I feel like traveling to Ireland (aka Land of Engagement). When my great Uncle Joe passed away, the Hubs thought it would be a "great idea" to go visit where our families are from. The Hubs knew I loved my Uncle Joe, and thought his passing would be a great reason to go to Ireland without me thinking we'd be getting engage. Fyi, I thought Uncle Joe was a real live leprechaun when I was a little girl. He was a short little fellow, with crystal blue eyes, a jolly laugh, and the voice of a canary. He was the sweetest man I've ever known. Anyways, I digress...:)

So, the Hubs and I headed to Ireland. This place truly was as magical and jolly as Uncle Joe made it seem in his tales he would tell me. We saw castles, old, medieval churches, moss-covered stone fences, wild, brightly-colored flowers, tons of sheep, friendly ponies, Celtic geese, and then we'd finish every evening off with a big, cold pint of Guinness. I seriously daydream about Ireland everyday and their Guinness served with a piping hot bowl of beef stew. Oh yum. I'm ready to go now!

Happy 1st day of Fall!

Photos Courtesy of The Hubs

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