Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

Linus! It's the Great Pumpkin...err, wait. Oh no, no. It's just a pumpkin that weighs 1,528 pounds...no big deal.

No joke...do not adjust your computer screen! Pumpkin grower Thad Starr of Oregon won this year's weigh-off in Half Moon Bay, Calif. His pumpkin weighed 1,528 pounds. It took a forklift to raise the competing pumpkins onto an industrial scale. Besides bragging rights, there's a prize of $6 a pound. That means Starr won more than $9,000. He says the secret to raising his great pumpkin: good soil and "we really pamper them."

Mmm...that pumpkin could make a whooooole lotta pie, AND pumpkin cupcakes. "Pumpkin cupcakes?" you ask. Yes, pumpkin cupcakes. It is my new invention. Spice cake mix OR carrot cake mix, 1 can of real pumpkin (not the filler) and a 1/2 cup of water. Pour into a cupcake pan, bake for 18 minutes and shizam! pumpkin cupcakes! 1 cupcake is under 100 calories, has 1 gram of fat and fiber = 2 weight watchers points...delish.

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