Friday, October 31, 2008


"Eat, drink and be scary."

I have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for this day! I love Halloween for so many reasons. I love carving pumpkins, making popcorn balls, seeing cute kiddos dressed up in costumes, handing out candy, Halloween parties and just all the magic that fills the day! I remember being a little kiddo on Halloween and walking around the neighborhood with my dad to collect candy from all my neighbors. Halloween night was always filled with excitement for me. I remember walking the streets, feeling the cold October air against my little, chubby cheeks, sensing some kind of mischief in the air and looking up at the moon in hopes that I might see a witch fly across it on her broomstick. Sometimes, I still find myself looking up at the moon on Halloween.

Now that I'm growing up and really shouldn't go trick or treating anymore, I have learned to love Halloween for the kiddos. Every year, my work passes out candy to children that belong to The Children's Place, which
is a nurturing, caring place for the very youngest victims of abuse, neglect and other childhood traumas. I feel my heart well up just at the sight of these little children and the happiness that each piece of candy brings them. Today, I saw the cutest little 2-year-old boy dressed up as a skunk with a bow tie. I told him he stunk and he just looked at me like "Look who's talkin'." I deserved it.

I hope everyone has a magical, frightfully fun and very safe Halloween. And if you get a chance, look up at the moon and think of me.

~ Boo (My nickname given to me by my dad)

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