Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ho Hum

Been feeling a bit blah, lately. Eugene will do that to you, though. She is a bad friend. We are still battling it out. If you are confused about Eugene, click here. She has been continuing to persuade me to eat hershey bars dipped in peanut butter, and today, she decided to be a pain.

Most frustratingly (besides the weight gain), she makes me feel unmotivated and tired. So, today I'm going to ignore Eugene and go for a run, weight lift, eat a mango instead of a hershey bar dipped in peanut butter (although it sounds DELISH!) and try to be productive.

On a different note, this morning was 55 degrees outside. Why hello Autumn, I've been expecting you. The other day, I was getting so excited about fall, that I purchased 6 mums for $10. Then, I went and bought 2 more for $1 each! So exciting. I'm already planning how to decorate the front yard with pumpkins!

Also, I'm going home to see family this weekend, and I'm SO excited. I miss my niece and nephew. They are cool, little Mexicans. Because I'm trying not to let Eugene win the battle of the hormones, I'm going to stick it to Eugene and post pics of my little Mexicans with their "Poppy" (aka mi hermano (aka my brother)). They make me smile. Enjoy.

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